About Me

My name is Tommy and I am a Software Developer at Amazon. I attended Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Computer Science with a Minor in Game Design and another Minor in Social and Political History. I'm a self-proclaimed nerd and am interested in learning just about anything there is to know. I like Science and Math, but also love to learn about History, Language, and Literature. I was born in New York City and grew up in New Jersey in a wonderful household with two younger brothers. My mother's side of the family is from England and Germany, and my father's side originated in Cuba- hence the Spanish name.

In my free time, my passion is games. I love to play them, but especially to design and make my own. Ever since I was a kid, I've been trying to make games to impress my friends and have fun! As I got older, I learned how to program computer games and haven't kicked the habit since. This website is meant in large part as a space for showing off the games that I have made.

Favorite Video Games: Sid Meier's Civilization, XCOM, Super Smash Brothers, FTL: Faster than Light, Fire Emblem, The Elder Scrolls
Favorite Board Games: Codenames, Avalon, Settlers of Catan, Twilight Struggle, Scrabble, Chess
Favorite Sports: Tennis, Soccer, Skiing

Also I am a huge fan of Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone.
Will talk at length about any of the above.

Contact Details

Tomas San Miguel
5032 Forbes Ave,
SMC #2093,
Pittsburgh, PA 15289-2093, USA

tsanmigu@andrew.cmu.edu tsanmigu@gmail.com


Carnegie Mellon University

BS in Computer Science, Minor in Game Design, Minor in Social and Political History Expected Graduation: May 2019

I took classes in Computer Science and Game Design, but also have taken electives in Science and History. While I was there, I served as president of the Game Creation Society, was on the board of our Magic club, and even help start the Undergraduate Poker Club. At CMU I learned the value of hard work, but also made many lifelong friends and have excellent memories.

The Pingry School

High School Diploma June 2015

I graduated from the Pingry School with honors and won the Computer Science Award my senior year. I was a member of the Tennis team and the Soccer team and participated in the school plays and musicals as a techie, operating the lights and sounds and constructing sets. I also played in the jazz band.



SDE Fall 2019-Present

After graduation, I joined Amazon full-time as a Software developer. I work on a project designed to improve the quality of the data you see when you are looking at a product on amazon.com. I have personally contributed substantial code towards an internal tool that is used by dozens of employees every day and handles Terrabytes of data. I have learned how to handle a tool that is live in production and how to quickly respond to user feedback.

At Amazon, I work with some incredibly brilliant people, and I learn new techniques and best practices every day. Although I still hope to work in games someday, this job has been an amazing experience that is teaching me to be the best engineer I can be.

Vicarious Visions

Engineering Intern Summer 2018

My first (and hopefully not my last!) foray into the game industry proper. I worked as an engineering intern on Crash Team Racing. I got to contribute real features and code that will ship with the game! I worked on a wide variety of tasks including gameplay, graphics, and UI. I also worked a little bit on the tools side. I learned version control with Perforce as well as how to use JIRA for task tracking. This was an awesome experience for me and really confirmed how much I like working in the games industry. I got to work collaboratively with many other talented individuals and I think I am a much better engineer coming out of the internship.

National High School Game Academy

TA and Student Summer 2017, 2014

I attended a 12 week program taught at CMU's own Entertainment Technology Center. I learned how to make games using Unity, met with industry professionals, and was instructed in the art of game design. I first developed a very well received individual project called Forever Falling. Then I worked in larger team and developed Angry Beards, a parody on Angry Birds. Finally, in a three week large project, I led a team of six to create the game Ulrich, in which you play as a deranged scientist protecting his inventions from the government.

Later, I returned to the NHSGA, but as a Teaching Assistant instead! I taught the class programming skills, Unity, and helped them integrate their projects onto new platforms such as Mobile, the HTC Vive, Occulus Touch, and the ETC's Cave. I worked closely with the students to help create fourteen different projects by the end of the program.

Dashbid Inc

Intern Summer 2016

Dashbid is a start up in the advertising technology industry. Dashbid acts as a middleman between internet publishers and advertisers. I worked as an intern for three months. During this time I learned a considerable amount about web development and about the world of digital advertising. I helped compile valuable data and perform analysis to demonstrate how well or poorly certain publishers were doing. I built several web tools for internal use, including a tool for automatically converting URL macros into compatible forms and an onboarding website for new recruits.

Hi-Tech Camp

Instructor Summer 2015

I worked as an instructor at a tech camp held in the Summer hosted by my high school. I built lesson plans and then taught younger children (aged 9-15) how to use various software. Each week students would create their own project using the software. Among these were Unity, GameMaker, AppInventor, Alice, GameSalad, Python, and Lego Mindstorm.

Get In Touch.

You can contact me directly via email. Please reach out to tsanmigu@andrew.cmu.edu or tsanmigu@gmail.com. I will respond as promptly as I am able.